Be Good Radio-80s Lite


About Be Good Radio-80s Lite

Be Good Radio-80s Lite is one of the most well-known online radio station channels based in the United States. This station is a part of the “Be Good Radio” network, which offers various online radio stations catering to different music genres. It plays a mix of lite 80s hits, including songs from artists like Air Supply, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Phil Collins.

More Information

Be Good Radio-80s Lite has earned a reputation for broadcasting consistent quality music and the best live shows to its daily listeners from all around the world. It is a popular choice for listeners who want to relax and enjoy the best of 80s music without having to deal with commercials or interruptions. It also features interviews with artists, live performances, and exclusive content. Lite music, also known as "soft rock" or "adult contemporary," was characterized by its smooth and melodic sound, featuring a mix of pop, rock, and easy listening elements. In addition to playing music, this radio station also features occasional news and weather updates. Listeners can find their favorite songs and different types of programs, such as themed shows and marathons, on this station. It is a great option for listeners who are looking for a high-quality and entertaining 80s music experience. This radio is popular with the local community in the United States as well as with other listeners. Since its inception, “Be Good Radio-80s Lite” has become famous for the high sound quality of its programs and its engaging radio personalities.



Twitter: begoodradiocom

Language: English

Address: Washington, Bellevue, United States

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