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About Be Good Radio-80s Metal

Be Good Radio-80s Metal is a United States based free online radio station channel, and it is a part of the Be Good Radio network. It plays the best 80s metal music from the United States, and the station also features a wide variety of artists, including Mötley Crüe, Poison, Twisted Sister, Ratt, Guns N’ Roses, Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax, and many more. Its programming is focused on young adult audiences, who demand a radio that accompanies them, entertains them, and informs them in a dynamic way, adjusting to the current era.

More Information

Be Good Radio-80s Metal is one of the most well-known radio stations in Washington, Bellevue, United States, and it has a loyal following of listeners. It has a wide selection of songs to choose from, and the DJs are always playing new and interesting tracks. It also plays a variety of popular music from different eras and genres, making it a versatile station for those who enjoy a mix of music styles. The 1980s were a dynamic and diverse period for metal music, with a wide range of subgenres and iconic bands that continue to influence the genre today. The station is run by a group of enthusiastic music fans who are committed to giving their listeners the greatest possible experience. It is also a terrific way to support independent radio. This radio station has earned a reputation for broadcasting consistent quality music and the best live shows to its daily listeners from all around the world. It plays a wide variety of artists, from the biggest names in the genre to the more obscure cult favorites. It also features interviews with artists, live performances, and exclusive content. The station is known for its diverse music programming, its friendly DJs, and its commitment to the community.



Twitter: begoodradiocom

Language: English

Address: Washington, Bellevue, United States

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