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About 80s Metal FM

80s Metal FM is very well known for playing the best metal music from the 80s genre, and it is a United States based online radio station. It would play a wide range of heavy metal and hard rock tracks from the 1980s. It is a part of the Big R Radio network, which offers various online radio stations catering to different music genres. The radio can be streamed from anywhere in the world, and the local community enjoys this radio as a source of entertainment.

More Information

80s Metal FM plays a wide variety of 80s metal music from favorite bands like as Iron Maiden, Metallica, Mötley Crüe, and Judas Priest. It has earned a reputation for broadcasting consistent quality music and the best live shows to its daily listeners from all around the world. It is one of the most well known online radio stations in the Washington, Seattle, United States. The radio can be streamed from anywhere in the world. It may cover various subgenres of metal, such as thrash metal, glam metal, power metal, and more, to provide a diverse listening experience. Various genres of music are also played on this radio station. Listeners can find their favorite 80s metal genres' music, and different types of program on this station. 80s metal had a profound influence on subsequent generations of musicians and genres. This radio station also features a variety of other programming, such as artist interviews, live performances, and special events. From its inception, it has become famous for the high sound quality of its programs and its engaging radio personalities.


Website: www.bigrradio.com

FaceBook: BigRRadio

Twitter: Big_R_Radio

Language: English

Address: Washington, Seattle, United States

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80s Metal FM