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About Afropulse FM Radio

Afropulse FM Radio is an online radio station based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, that broadcasts a variety of genres like Afrobeat, Highlife, hip-hop, dancehall, Azonto, Coupe Decale, and Zouk, both old and new classics. The station’s goal is to connect African/Nigerians through music everywhere and anywhere. It is streamed in English, making this radio station easy for listeners around the world to tune in and enjoy the programming.

More Information

Afropulse FM Radio plays nothing but true Nigerian and African music, such as afro, highlife, hiphop, dancehall, Azonto, coupe decale, zouk old, new, and classic, and broadcasts 24/7. The station seems like a popular option for music lovers in the United States who want to stay connected to their African roots or simply enjoy vibrant African music. It features the latest high-end digital studio & radio technologies and delivers the highest quality, non-fatiguing sound using leading-edge technology while keeping data usage extremely low and efficient. In addition to its great music selection, this radio station also offers a variety of entertainment programs that cover everything from news and current affairs to sports and culture.



Email: [email protected]

Language: English

Address: Georgia, Atlanta, United States

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