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About ZJB Radio Montserrat

ZJB Radio Montserrat is a United States-based broadcast radio station that provides a mixture of music, news, and religious programming. In order to serve the requirements of the Montserrat community, the station actually focuses on local news and information, as well as the promotion of local music and culture. FM frequencies 95.5 MHz and 88.3 MHz are used for its broadcasts.

More Information

Radio Montserrat, known by the call sign "ZJB" went on air in 1952 as the property of Frank Delisle, who broadcast from the basement of his home in Olveston, transmitting on 7 megahertz. The Montserrat National Information Service (MNIS) operates the station, which was first broadcast in 1952, and it is owned by the Montserrat government. With some content from the BBC World Service, the station airs a mix of news, music, and religious programming. Listeners can find their favorite songs, news, culture, and different types of programs on this station. It also features interviews with artists, live performances, and exclusive content. Listeners get to know contemporary, political, local, and world news through this radio. The station is an essential component of the Montserratian community and offers the island's citizens a vital service. In addition to providing pleasure and education, it also provides news and information.


Website: www.zjbradio.com

Email: [email protected]

FaceBook: MNISpirit

Twitter: @spiritmni

Instagram: @mnispirit

Wikipedia: Radio_Montserrat

Language: English

Contact Number: +1 664-491-7242

Address: Davy Hill, St. Peter, Montserrat MSR1210

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