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About Radio Kajou

Radio Kajou is a Haitian community-based online radio station in the United States that broadcasts Haitian news, talk shows, and music. The station delivers crystal-clear audio for a premium listening experience. The station gives a voice to groups that are frequently disregarded by mainstream media and gives local musicians and artists a stage on which to perform.

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Radio Kajou features an array of engaging and informative programs that cover various topics such as politics, entertainment, sports, technology, business, health, and more. A group of Haitian immigrants launched the station in 1985 with the goal of establishing a media platform that would represent their community and culture. The station's lineup includes popular shows like "The Morning Wake Up" with hosts discussing the latest news and current events in an entertaining manner. It is a well-known radio station among the Haitian community in the United States. The station also broadcasts live sports coverage of local teams, keeping fans up-to-date on the latest scores and highlights.



Email: [email protected]

Language: French

Contact Number: +1 754-422-3266

Address: Mahotièrte 75, Rue Castor # 8 Carrefour, Haiti W.I. PO Box 25281, Tamarac, Florida 33320 USA

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Radio Kajou