Total Mix Radio

North Miami

About Total Mix Radio

Total Mix Radio is an online radio station based in the United States that broadcasts sports programs and a mix of genres, including pop, rock, country, and hip-hop. The station’s mission consists of engaging and mobilizing through daily information all resources, opportunities, and skills for the benefit and influence of Haitian sport, inside the country and beyond its borders. Listeners can find their favorite songs, news, culture, and different types of program on this station.

More Information

Total Mix Radio actually provides a broad range of mix genre music, sports programs, and gospel music for the Haitian community in North Miami, FL, USA. The station provides a stream of all kinds of entertainment, fulfilling the demand for entertainment. It also broadcasts live sports, weather updates, and local news to keep their audience informed and connected to the local community. The station has earned a reputation for providing its everyday listeners from all over the world with consistently high-quality music and the greatest live performances. The station wants to be a companion to its listeners who will not hurt anyone, a companion who wants to build a relationship based on the truth that enlightens, the useful truth. The station was founded in 2001 and is owned by iHeartMedia. In this radio station, the thrills of the world of sport, events in the religious world, musical productions, all rhythms combined, and Haitian and international news will be available to you, wherever you are. A group of DJs from the station host shows all day long. Additionally, it has a news team that covers worldwide, national, and local news.



Email: [email protected]


Twitter: totalmixtv

YouTube: TotalMixRadio

Language: French

Contact Number: +1 954-399-0774

WhatsApp: +954 399 0774

Address: PO Box 8444, Port Saint Lucie, FL 34985, United States

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