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About Fierte Haitienne FM

Fierte Haitienne FM is a United States-based radio station that broadcasts a variety of Haitian programming, including news, music, sports, and talk shows. It is a respectable and consistent radio station for the progress of the Haitian nation. The station contributes significantly to the preservation of the distinctive culture of the Haitian community, in addition to being a great source of entertainment and information.

More Information

For Haitian communities in the United States, Fierte Haitienne FM is a valuable resource that provides a sense of connection to Haiti and aids in the preservation of Haitian heritage and culture. The radio uses its antenna to join with all Haitians to advance the Haitian motto 'Unity is Strength' and increase the brilliance of such a beautiful nation. In the aftermath of Haiti's terrible earthquake in 2010, the station was established. The goal of the station is to provide Haitians in the diaspora with a connection to their native country and to help them stay informed about what is happening in Haiti. It is quite popular with all the streams of all classes. Apart from Haitian, this radio plays songs from all popular artists of different genres and eras. In addition to serving as a useful resource for American Haitian communities, the station aims to increase public awareness of Haitian heritage and culture. The radio station also features a variety of news and entertainment program, and news about the community of Haiti.



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Address: Brooklyn, New York, United States

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