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Radyo Panou is an online radio from US. It broadcasts political talk show in Creole, French, and English from Brooklyn, New York. Mr. Geffrard Jude Joseph in Brooklyn, NY founded the station.

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A well-known activist and the station's creator, Mr. Geffrard Jude Joseph, made the decision to launch the new radio station in October 2002 because the ones that were already in operation didn’t always meet the community’s needs. The station's name means “Our Radio” in Haitian Creole, and it reflects the station's commitment to serving the Haitian community. In order to promote Haitian culture and heritage and offer the Haitian population in the diaspora a voice, a group of Haitian professionals created the group in 2007.
The tri-state region's Haitian community heavily relies on this radio station. It promotes democracy, dialogue, non-violence among the Haitian community. The station strives to promote Haitian culture and heritage while serving as a useful resource for Haitians and Haitian Americans.


Website: www.radyopanou.com

Email: [email protected]

FaceBook: radyopanou

Language: French, Creole, English

Contact Number: (718) - 941- 8573

Address: 1685 Nostrand AVE Brooklyn, NY 11226

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Radyo Panou