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WLOB Radio is a news/talk format broadcast radio station based in the United States that provides news from local and international sources, a variety of talk shows, and informative programs. The station offers its listeners an exciting range of news programming that caters to their diverse interests. It has been broadcasting since 1925 and is one of the oldest radio stations in the United States.

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WLOB Radio is well-known for its quality talk radio programming, featuring local and national news, sports, and entertainment. The station's commitment to providing quality news content has earned it a loyal listener base, who tune in daily for updates on current events. Listeners can stream the station live online or access on-demand content. The station also features a variety of music, including classic rock, country, and oldies. Listeners can stay informed on the latest developments in their favorite fields or discover new interests through the station's comprehensive news coverage. Weekdays begin a local news and interview show, hosted by Ray Richardson, which is also carried on several other AM stations in Maine. The station is the go-to destination for anyone looking for a reliable source of news in Portland, United States.


Website: wlobradio.com

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Language: English

Contact Number: +207-775-1310

Address: 779 Warren Ave, Portland, Maine 04103

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