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About WKYM 101.7

WKYM 101.7 is a classic rock-format FM radio station based in the United States that broadcasts classic rock music and the greatest hits from the 1960s to the present day. The station is currently owned by Stephen W. Staples Jr. It is the ultimate destination for classic rock lovers in the United States, and is known for its local personalities, like John Boy and Billy in the mornings, who keep the station lively and interactive.

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WKYM 101.7 features a diverse selection of classic rock hits that will transport its listeners back in time to an era of great music and good vibes. The station also plays a wide variety of classic rock artists, from Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd to Bruce Springsteen and Guns N' Roses. One of the things that sets this radio station apart from other classic rock stations is its commitment to providing a high-quality listening experience. The station also keeps its audience entertained and up-to-date with the latest news, gossip, and events happening in the classic rock hits music genres. WKYM also offers a variety of special programming throughout the week, including themed shows that focus on specific aspects of classic rock culture or highlight particular bands or albums.


Website: wkym.com

Email: [email protected]

Language: English

Contact Number: +1 606-348-7083

Address: 150 Worsham Lane, Monticello, KY, United States, Kentucky


101.7 FM

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WKYM 101.7