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KXLU 88.9 FM is a non-commercial college radio station based in the United States that plays many styles of music broadly classified under rock, specialty, fine arts, alternative music, eclectic, indie, and Latin jazz. The station exists to engage in broadcasting under terms of a license granted by the Federal Communications Commission. The station was first on the air in 1957, and in 2007, it celebrated its 50th anniversary.

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KXLU 88.9 FM offers a diverse and eclectic range of free-form, commercial-free radio to the Los Angeles community and to the world; it broadcasts an exciting mix of indie music that will keep you entertained and engaged throughout your day. It is a non-commercial educational station broadcasting from the Westchester campus of Loyola Marymount University. The station's format is eclectic, meaning that it plays a wide variety of music, from rock and pop to jazz and blues to world music and spoken word. It also features news, sports, educational, and talk programming in English. The station's commitment to offering an alternative to commercial radio means that listeners can expect to hear a wide range of music genres on it, and "KXLU" broadcasts live 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.


Website: kxlu.com

Email: [email protected]

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Language: English

Contact Number: +310-338-2866

Address: One LMU Drive, Malone 402, Los Angeles, CA 90045


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KXLU 88.9 FM