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About DEF CON Radio

DEF CON Radio is an online-based unique radio station channel in the United States that broadcasts music 24/7, curated specifically for hackers and cybersecurity enthusiasts. The station is part of the SomaFm network, which is an independent internet streaming multi-channel radio station. DEF CON is one of the world’s largest annual hacker conventions, held every year in Las Vegas, Nevada.

More Information

DEF CON Radio is a non-commercial listener supported online radio station that offers an engaging listening experience for music enthusiasts who enjoy chill, downtempo, and mid-tempo sounds. Since 2013, SomaFM has provided the music for the DEF CON Chill room. The station's music selection is eclectic, spanning genres like downtempo, electronic, ambient, and experimental. The station relies solely on listener donations to keep it running, which means that it can remain independent and focused solely on delivering the best possible music to its audience.



Email: [email protected]

Language: English

Contact Number: +1 415 552-7662

Address: 2180 Bryant Street, Suite 208, San Francisco, CA 94110, US

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