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Whisperings Solo Piano Radio is a United States based online radio station that broadcasts solo piano music from around the world. It features the biggest names in solo piano music, including Ludovico Einaudi, David Nevue, Brian Crain, Kevin Kern, Robin Spieberg, Michele McLaughlin, Philip Wesley and over 300 more. The station is a popular choice for background music, studying, meditation, and relaxation. Pianist David Nevue the founder of Whisperings is a pianist and composer.

More Information

American solo piano composer and pianist David Nevue (born 1965) established Whisperings Solo Piano Radio in 2003. The station is based in Eugene, Oregon, United States, and it plays a variety of solo piano music, including classical, jazz, new age, and contemporary. Now, after twenty years "on the air," it is home to over 360 talented piano artists and broadcasts to tens of thousands of piano music fans from all over the world every single day. The station's mission is to provide a peaceful and relaxing listening experience for people of all ages. Tune to this radio station 24 hours a day for beautiful, melodic music; it will bring some peace into your busy, stressful world. Solo Piano music is arguably more popular, visible, and widespread today than ever before. It is a commercial-free station, but it does offer a premium subscription service called Whisperings PureStream. "One of the most satisfying things about Whisperings radio," Nevue says, "is that I have been able to create an avenue for other pianists to perform, have their music heard, and, through our community, help them realize they are not alone. For many of our artists, Whisperings is one of the few actual radio broadcasts that feature their music. For some, playing a Whisperings concert was the first opportunity they had to perform in a major concert event and, in some cases, to meet and share the stage with their own piano heroes." It is also a strong supporter of independent artists. The station also features music from a variety of unsigned and indie artists, and it offers a program for artists to submit their music for consideration.


Website: www.solopianoradio.com

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Language: English

Address: Oregon, Springfield, United States

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