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VPR – BBC World Service is a United States based online radio station that provides an essential and trusted independent voice for news, information, music and cultural exploration for the people of Vermont region. VPR actually broadcasts a selection of BBC World Service programs on its HD3 channel overnight. It represents a very interesting branch of modern media, progressive talk radio. Vermont Public was created in 2021 when Vermont Public Radio (VPR) and Vermont PBS merged into a unified public media organization.

More Information

VPR - BBC World Service is independent, community-supported media, serving Vermont with trusted, relevant and essential information. Listeners can find their favorite songs, news, culture, and different types of program on this station. The station is a partnership between Vermont Public Radio (VPR) and the BBC World Service to bring global news and information to listeners in Vermont and beyond. VPR is a network of public radio stations covering the state of Vermont. BBC World Service is one of the world's largest international broadcasters, with over 60 bureaus worldwide and journalists in more places than any other international broadcaster. It broadcasts in 40 languages to an audience of over 400 million people each week. The station VPR also produce independent, local, award-winning news, music and programming that connect its audiences with issues, ideas and each other. It is a valuable resource for listeners who want to stay informed about global news and events. With reporting from correspondents all throughout the world, it provides a distinctive viewpoint on the world. The station keeps its audience entertained and up to date with the latest news, gossip, and events happening in the Vermont region. It also broadcasts live sports, weather updates, and local news to keep their audience informed and connected to the local community.


Website: www.vermontpublic.org

Email: [email protected]

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Language: English

Contact Number: +1 802-655-9451

Address: 365 Troy Ave, Colchester, VT, United States, Vermont

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