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Smooth Jazz Florida is an online radio station that plays a mix of smooth jazz music. Smooth jazz is a genre of music that emerged in the late 20th century and is characterized by its mellow and easygoing sound. It incorporates elements of jazz, but it typically has a more polished and less improvisational feel than traditional jazz styles.

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Smooth Jazz Florida is a radio station and online streaming service that plays smooth jazz music 24/7. The station's smooth and mellow vibes are sure to put you in a good mood. Jazz has evolved over the years and encompasses a wide range of styles and subgenres, making it a highly diverse and influential form of music. It is one of the top smooth jazz stations in the world, and it strives to provide listeners with the latest top 40 smooth jazz hits, as well as the best of smooth jazz from the past 30 years.
Smooth jazz has been popular on radio stations that adopt a "smooth jazz" format, often featuring a continuous stream of this genre's music. Apart from America, many other audiences around the world love jazz music. Smooth Jazz Florida is a great way to listen to your favorite smooth jazz artists, such as Kenny G, Grover Washington Jr., Dave Koz, and Richard Elliot. It is also a great way to discover new smooth jazz artists and music. The station's playlist is updated regularly to include the latest and greatest in smooth jazz music.



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