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La Campeona 880 AM, also known as KWIP (880 AM) is an American-based Spanish-language radio station for Southern Vancouver and Portland Oregon. 880 AM is a clear-channel frequency in the United States that is currently owned and operated by Jupiter Communications Corporation. The Hispanic community in the region is a big fan of the station, and it provides them with news and information on political, cultural, and entertainment in their native language.

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The most well-liked Spanish-language radio station in the Dallas-Portland region is La Campeona 880 AM. The programming of the radio station is regional Mexican, encompassing a range of genres like ranchera, banda, and norteño. The station provides its listeners with entertainment and news on events, gossip, and news related to regional Mexican music genres. Its goals are to support diversity and understanding while giving the community a voice. The station offers a platform for Hispanic voices and culture, as well as live music performances by local Mexican musicians. It is highly liked by all classes and streams. Along with a wide range of programs, this radio station broadcasts talk shows, sports, and news. The station has earned a reputation for providing its everyday listeners from all over the world with consistently high-quality music, news, and the greatest live performances. In addition, the station broadcasts live performances, artist interviews, and exclusive content from regional Mexican artists.



Email: [email protected]

FaceBook: lacampeona.laquemanda

Twitter: lacampeona880am

Wikipedia: KWIP

Language: Spanish

Contact Number: +1 503-623-0244

Address: Dallas, OR, United States, Oregon


880 AM

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