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About Instrumentales De Oro

Instrumentales De Oro (Golden Instrumentals) is a United States-based, online series of albums of instrumental music. Instrumental music can encompass a wide variety of styles and forms, ranging from classical compositions to contemporary genres like rock, jazz, electronic, and more. The series was started in the 1970s by the record label Sony Music.

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Instrumentales De Oro is an instrumental music radio station, and it has featured a wide variety of artists, including orchestras, jazz musicians, and pop singers. Instrumental music is a genre of music that is primarily composed and performed without the use of vocals or lyrics. The station plays a variety of popular music from different eras and genres, making it a versatile station for those who enjoy a mix of music styles. Its albums are typically compilations of popular songs, both classic and contemporary. Instrumental music actually offers a diverse and rich landscape for both composers and listeners, allowing for a deep exploration of musical creativity and expression. A variety of famous songs are played without vocals, and they are often arranged in a lush, orchestral style. The station's programming includes the most iconic songs performed by the greatest musicians in history with a wide variety of genres ranging from Easy Listening, Instrumental, New Age, Instrumental Guitar, Soundtracks, Jazz, Classical Music, Big Bands, Classical Instrumental Ballad, Orchestras and much more. It is very popular with listeners of all ages, and the albums have been used in a variety of settings, including restaurants, hotels, and weddings.



Language: Spanish

Address: Illinois, Chicago, United States

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