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About Bosanski Radio

Bosanski Radio is an American based online radio station that basically broadcasts traditional Bosnian folk music, sevdalinka, and pop music. In addition to being a popular source of news and information for Bosnians living abroad, the station contributes to the preservation of Bosnian culture and heritage. The local community enjoys this radio as a source of entertainment.

More Information

Bosanski Radio focuses on streaming the best live broadcasts of country, folk, traditional, and pop music on the internet. A group of Bosnian expats who wanted to maintain connections to their homeland started the station in 2002. The station is based in the United States and caters to the Bosnian diaspora in North America. The station has earned a reputation for broadcasting consistent quality music and the best live shows to its daily listeners from all around the world. It also features interviews with artists, live performances, and exclusive content. The station is a valuable resource for Bosnians living abroad. It gives them a connection to their native homeland and keeps them up to date on developments in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This radio station provides all kinds of entertainment and mesmerizing music. It also plays a role in preserving Bosnian culture and heritage.


Website: bosanski-radio

FaceBook: BosanskiRadio

Language: Bosnian

Address: North Carolina, Charlotte, United States

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