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Bharat FM (94.9 HD3) is an American-based online radio station in Cincinnati, Ohio, that broadcasts Hindi, Urdu, and English language programs. The station prides itself on providing people with a platform to voice opinions that might not otherwise be heard, and on being an alternative to mainstream media. Bharat Media LLC, a media company that also owns the television channel Bharat TV and the news portal Bharat Media Daily, founded the station in 2020.

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Being the most prominent Hindi radio station in the United States, "Bharat FM" is dedicated to offering top-notch programming that appeals to a wide range of listeners' interests and values. The station is committed to providing its listeners with the best Bollywood music, and it has become recognized as one of the nation’s top radio stations for these genres. It basically offers credible news, interviews, and rollicking good music and entertainment from India and South Asia. In addition to Cincinnati-area local news, the station primarily covers reports about the Indian and South Asian communities. The station is well-known for its extensive musical selection and engaging on-air personalities. It also features interviews with artists, live performances, and exclusive content. This radio station also airs a variety of Hindi and Urdu music genres, including Bollywood music, bhangra, and qawwali. It has earned a reputation for providing its everyday listeners from all over the world with consistently high-quality music, news, and the greatest live performances. Topics covered by the talk shows and news programming on the station are diverse and include current events, politics, entertainment, and culture. Bharat FM is a platform that encourages community engagement and promotes the rich cultural legacy of South Asia.



Email: [email protected]

FaceBook: bharatmediafm

Twitter: fm_bharat

Language: Hindi

Contact Number: +1513-488-5070

Address: 9145 Cincinnati-Columbus Road, Sharonville, OH, United States, Ohio

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