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About 24/7 Polka Heaven

24/7 Polka Heaven is a United States based online radio station that actually broadcasts polka music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Originating from Cleveland, Ohio (the Hometown of America’s Polka King, Frankie Yankovic), it features many of the best Polka personalities from across the U.S.A. and Canada. It is the first and original 24-hour webcasting polka music internet site in the world.

More Information

24/7 Polka Heaven is a great way to discover new polka music and to connect with other polka fans from all over the world. The local community of Illinois, Chicago, United States, enjoys this radio as a source of entertainment. It plays a wide variety of polka music, including classic and current polkas, as well as polkas from different regions of the United States and the world. Polka is a lively and traditional dance music genre with roots in Central Europe, particularly in regions such as Poland, Czech Republic, and Germany. It has evolved and adapted to different cultural influences, incorporating elements from jazz, rock, and other musical genres. The station keeps its audience entertained and up to date with the latest news, gossip, and events happening in the polka music genres. It has over 40 weekly shows from all over the USA, hosted by experienced polka DJs. From its inception, “24/7 Polka Heaven” has become famous for the high sound quality of its programs and its engaging radio personalities.


Website: www.247polkaheaven.com

Email: [email protected]

FaceBook: 247PolkaHeaven

Language: English

Contact Number: +1 440-918-0850

Address: Willoughby, OH, US 44095

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